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Best casino offers

We all want our gambling to be as profitable as possible, and without casino signup bonuses that’s just not very likely due to the house edge. We need an additional boost that will help us beat the casino and walk away a winner. There are thousands of casinos online and most offer bonuses to every visitor, while for some others you need bonus codes in order to trigger the bonus. Let’s have a look at the types of bonuses you can claim and then decide what is the best one.

Deposit bonuses

Here we’re talking about signup deposit bonuses as well as reload bonuses and similar stuff. Almost exclusively, a deposit bonus that is a percentage of your first deposit will be cashable, which means you get to keep it. You have to meet the rollover conditions, which are somewhere in between 25x and 50x your bonus or your bonus plus your deposit. Once these conditions are met you’re free to withdraw the money. It would be wise to do some math beforehand and see what is the expected value (EV) of the bonus. Meaning, how much money would you win or lose if you played through the rollover conditions with a game that has e.g. 5% house edge.

The exact winnings will differ from person to person, but EV is a good estimate of the quality of the bonus. Also, it is wise to use the bonus to play a game that does have the potential of handing you a mega win, as opposed to grinding the rollover conditions on some game that can not – because this is a recipe for ending up with less money than you had.

No deposit bonuses

Although these seem tasty, no deposit bonuses aren’t usually very good and are only useful to those players that don’t actually have any money to spend. The amount of the bonus is usually very low, and even if you do win something, you will have to make a deposit and then rollover your winnings a few times before you can actually withdraw the money. In most cases it’s just not worth it, and no deposit bonuses are only good as a last resort. They’re not the holy grail of gambling – a deposit bonus with a high EV is.

Free spins

Free spins on slots are a very popular type of bonus because most people play slots anyway. Sometimes the free spins can be used on any game of your choice, and sometimes it will be linked to a specific game, either in an attempt to promote the game or in an attempt to use some slot game’s popularity to attract new customers. In either case, free spins are great because they let you play a game and win some decent money. Most free spins winnings are capped to prevent players from winning a jackpot with them. In other words, if you win it you won’t get it. Free spins are designed to let you play a slot game for some time and then maybe win a little bit of money.

Loyalty programs

An often overlooked aspect of gambling are the loyalty programs, but they in fact can provide the best value. Depending on the program, you can get some small cash prizes or you can get tons of bonuses, free spins, a dedicated account manager and so much more. Usually you’ll have to be a high roller to get the best out of a loyalty program, but even smaller players can get a lot of bang for their buck if they choose a casino with a loyalty program that benefits small players.

Best type of bonus

Deposit bonuses are excellent, but they’re a one-time thing, and it’s better to have a gift that keeps on giving. Loyalty program – if it’s a good one – can provide lots of value and change your luck in gambling for the better, and the same thing goes for those online casinos that have e.g. reload bonuses on Thursdays or other similar bonuses you can claim on a weekly basis. Finally, the best thing you can do is to play a game that has either a low house edge or a chance of winning a jackpot, preferably both in one.

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