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Comparison of casino and sportsbook welcome offers

It sometimes seems these two worlds never mix, and there are people who visit casinos to gamble and people who visit sportsbooks to place bets. But they do have something in common, and those are the welcome offers, or in case of sportsbooks free bet offers and other bonuses. In fact, the sportsbook welcome offers are far more diverse than what casinos are offering. Let’s have a closer look.

Casino welcome offers

In the vast majority of cases, casino welcome offers will fall in one or two or both of these categories: deposit bonuses and free spins. The deposit bonuses are more or less straight forward but the difference between non-cashable and cashable bonuses is profound. While with non-cashable bonuses you only keep the money you win, and that’s a poor proposition since you’re risking your own money to get the bonus, with cashable bonuses you get to keep everything. In most cases you’ll need to roll over the deposit and bonus from 25 to 40 times before you withdraw. Often, you’ll also get some free spins, either for any slot game you want, or for a specific title.

Sportsbook welcome offers

Sportsbooks also have deposit bonuses, and this goes mainly for those sportsbooks located outside United Kingdom. You’ll get a cashable deposit bonuses with reasonable playthrough rules, such as 5x your deposit and bonus, and there will be minimal odds you must place a bet on in order for the bet to be considered a part of the playthrough. In the United Kingdom, however, players prefer free bet offers. These can be risk-free bets where you get a free bet only if your first bet is a losing one, and it’s usually up to £25. There are also true free bets, where you get the free bet regardless of the outcome of your first bet. In both cases it’s usually a non-cashable bonus, which means that you only get to keep the winnings from your free bet. This means that UK punters would probably be better off if they visited some bookmakers that are offering deposit bonuses. UK bookmakers also have a habit of offering special sign up offers where they’ll give an increased price on an upcoming popular match, which is basically the equivalent of a small free bet, but works like a charm for attracting new players as they just can’t believe the price. Some players also use the matched betting strategy to profit from free bets, but this is an advanced technique that newbies shouldn’t dig into.


In either case, you must really read the Terms & Conditions of the bonus or some other offer in order to truly understand it and see if it’s worth to invest your time and money in. In most cases, deposit bonuses with hard cash are the best, while all forms of non-cashable bonuses are very bad for the player as the expected value is low. You’re investing your own money, and are only getting a chance to win something with a free chip, but you don’t get to keep the chip. This is far from optimal, and wise players never claim these offers. The best offer is the one where you’re actually getting cash you’ll keep, and where the playthrough requirements are achievable.

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