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Online Casino Reviews: Real reviews vs sponsored reviews

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Looking for the right online casino can be a little frustrating. The fact of the matter is, there are hundreds of online casino operators out there that offer outstanding bonuses, the newest casino games, and unique gaming experiences. However, it’s all too common for operators to oversell and not deliver on their promises. For this reason, online gambling portals were established to give players an unbiased and neutral assessment of their favorite online casinos. Like online casinos though, not all online gambling portals are created the same. There are some that create middling reviews that lack information and are generally too positive. Thankfully, there are online gambling portals like that continue to put out quality online casino reviews.

Well researched and up to date

What makes for good online casino reviews? One thing that does right with their reviews is that they always make sure that the information they put out is correct and up to date. A quick look at their reviews will give you an idea of how far they’ll go to test an online casino based on their review criteria. They don’t just write about how fast an online casino’s customer service team replies to queries, they’ll make sure to indicate the exact time that they were able to get a response from an online casino’s representative. What’s more is that they’ll continuously update their reviews over the course of the year in an effort to keep the content on these (the reviews) relevant.

Neutrality and fairness

Another pitfall of most online gambling portals is their blatant shilling for online casinos regardless if they’re good or bad. This has to do with the fact that most of these online gambling portals are also affiliates of the online casinos that they’re reviewing. While ThePOGG is also an affiliate of the online casinos that it reviews, it strives to keep its content neutral. The online gambling portal won’t hesitate to call out online casinos that have unfriendly terms and conditions or unethical business practices. Additionally, the site won’t include any affiliate links to online casinos with low review scores and those that are blacklisted.

Value-added reviews

A cool feature that you likely won’t find on other online gambling portals is its Deposit Guarantee. This feature is available only on a select number of online casinos that have scored high on the online gambling portal’s Casino Ratings scale. If a player referred by the online gambling portal finds himself treated unfairly by these casinos then he/she can ask ThePOGG for his deposits back. Of course, the process isn’t automatic and will have to undergo mediation but it’s still a welcome feature regardless.


Perhaps the only drawback with ThePOGG’s online casino reviews is the fact that they take a bit longer to finish. Of course, this is understandable considering how detailed they (the reviews) are. Unlike most online gambling portals that churn out dozens daily, ThePOGG understands how quality reviews take time, effort, and objectivity to make. So if you’re in search of an online casino that offers jaw-dropping bonuses and exciting casino games, make sure you check out if it has been reviewed at Better yet, just go ahead and check out the online gambling portal’s Recommended and Deposit Guarantee Casinos.

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