Five Best Casino Movies

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Five Best Casino Movies

Gambling and casino movies have long been a mainstay in Hollywood. Many have been made in the past and many more will be made in the future. These movies offer us a chance to live vicariously through the high-rollers who break the Vegas banks, whether legitimately or not. Here are the top 5 casino movies of all time:

5. The Cooler

A Cooler is a player who is so unlucky that he makes the players around him unlucky as well. Set in an old school Las Vegas casino, William H. Macy plays a paid-hire Cooler who breaks his gambling jinx when he falls in love, much to his boss’ consternation.

4. Croupier

This movie provides an interesting and fresh perspective on the casino genre as instead of focusing on the gambler, the movie concentrates on the dealer and what it takes to learn the trade. The dealer, or croupier, is played by Clive Owen, an aspiring writer who realizes that his life as a croupier would make a great novel.

3. Ocean’s 11

This movie oozes coolness with it’s ensemble cast led by George Clooney attempting to rob three casinos on the same night. With costars like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, and the late Bernie Mac, this movie provides action and comedy on top of the fascinating world of Vegas casinos.

2. Rounders

Matt Damon’s second appearance on this list comes in his starring role in Rounders, in which he plays a law student who loses his tuition money in the casinos and must continue to play to pay off his debt to Russian mobsters. What this movie lacks in action, it more than makes up for in suspense and edge-your-seat dialogue.

1. Casino

This movie takes the number one spot on our list because it provides two movie-gold elements: mobsters and being based off of real events. Oh, and Robert De Niro. Greed, deception, money, power, and murder are all major themes in this Hollywood classic. Throw in a love triangle, and you got yourself the best casino movie of all time.

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