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Free Spins Bonus

Casinos often hand out free spins in order to attract new players, retain the old ones, or/and get the userbase hooked on some new slot game that just came out. This means the customer gets to spin the slot game several dozen times – depending on the free spins bonus – and then he gets to retain the winnings won during those free spins. Or just keep playing the slot game and see if you can increase the winnings even further.

There are two types of free spins bonuses – those that are specific to a casino and are therefore universal to any slot game – and those that are specific to a certain slot game, e.g. 50 free spins on the Spiderman slot. Also, those bonuses specific to a casino may be no deposit bonuses or they may be free spins that are awarded only when you make a deposit. There are so many free spins bonuses that come and go, so it’s important to visit a current resource in order to find the best free spins bonus for yourself.

Most free spins bonuses are only available to customers from certain countries; even if the casino accepts customers from your country you may not be eligible to receive the free spins. So it’s good to check out the Terms & Conditions every time before you actually sign up for a certain casino as it saves a lot of hassle.

In general, free spins are also a fun thing to do and something you can use to build up your bankroll a bit before playing for some more serious money. For many players, free spins are the first taste of slot game excitement, and many remain slot players for a long time with their own money afterwards.

However, after a while you’ll get bored signing up only to receive free spins as you’ll have much more confidence in playing slot games so more likely than not you’ll want to make an actual deposit and also get a deposit bonus. In any case, the very fact that you are looking for casino free spins and bonuses means you will get them and will benefit from them. Casinos are quite generous when it comes to attracting new players such as yourself, so go on and choose your free spins bonus.

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