Tips for Playing Poker Online?

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Tips for Playing Poker Online?

People have been saying it for a while now: poker is easy to learn, but hard to master. Because of the relatively slight learning curve, however, there are few tips to help beginners consistently win at online poker. Online poker in particular offers certain advantages live games don’t. There are two general things that happen more often in online poker: players play less hands and they play more aggressively. Both of these can be taken advantage of.

The folks at have elaborated on a very common online poker strategy: “[The] strategy was to switch tables frequently and be extremely selective and aggressive with starting hands. In a typical live game you cannot get away with playing tight all the time since nobody is going to give you action. But online you can switch tables allot [sic] and no one will know you from the next guy. This allowed me to get allot [sic] of action even though I was playing only the very best hands [such as high pairs and ace/king combinations]… Since I was playing only premium hands I was not overwhelmed with decisions. My time was spent folding, going all in and changing tables for the most part.”

Their strategy highlights two key components:

  1. Playing multiple tables, and
  2. Simplifying the game.

Playing multiple tables at the same time is one of the many benefits of playing online. While first time players might want to just start with one table to get the hang of the game first, you will quickly progress to being able to handle multiple tables and multiple hands at a time. What makes this transition easier is simplifying the game by only playing the best hands and thus only needing to focus on a small subset of strategy tips.

There are tons of different layers of strategy in poker. There are general strategies for every single starting hand but those strategies are constantly changing depending on the communal cards and the hands and playing styles of the your opponents. By only focusing on what you need to do with a pair of aces, or a pair of kings, you severely cut down the learning curve and simply the game. This is a huge advantage for beginners that live poker cannot offer.

Other tips for playing and winning at online poker include:

  • Begin by playing for low-stakes. This will alliate stress and help you focus on your game, not your money.
  • Avoid emotional play. Your opponents will use your emotions against you, but only if you let them. Emotional play results in poor decisions and lost money. Sometimes the only way to combat this is to simply walk away.

Mastering any poker game is a fun and challenging goal. Following simple strategies like those mentioned above can help ensure that you are a consistent winner in online poker.

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