Which are the best slots to play online?

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Which are the best slots to play online?

Which are the best slots to play online? That’s a common question of a gambler who is trying to figure out which of the thousands of available slots would be the best choice for him when he wants to make some money.

While finding the loosest slot in a land-based casino can be tricky and you need to do thorough research and spin the machine numerous times to try to figure out the payout, online it’s much easier as many software developers list the theoretical return-to-player (RTP) for their games.

Obviously, the slot machines with higher RTP give more to the player. Or, should we say, they take less from the player. But it doesn’t end there – you also want to pay attention to variance, which is how often does the machine pay out. Slots with low variance will give you small wins often, and will therefore not eat up your bankroll and will not demand a lot of patience from your end. So if you want to win often and not lose much, you’ll choose a low-variance high-RTP slot game.

High variance slots are for people who have patience and a larger bankroll, as it may take some time for you to break even and eventually go positive. So even if the game is high-RTP but is high variance as well, you can’t expect to win right away, it takes time.

Progressive jackpot slots are generally avoided by serious players because they have a horrible RTP and most players lose money while playing these slot games, in hope of hitting that huge jackpot. While you will be glad you played if you happen to hit the jackpot, in most cases these are not the best slots to play.

Most likely, if a slot is fun it will be low-RTP. The boring ones tend to payout more. Also, the new releases tend to be low-RTP while some older games are where the gold is.

Here is a list of best paying slots for UK punters, and the list applies to most non-US customers as well. In conclusion, it’s important to choose the slot game with highest RTP but also preferably lower variance, and it’s important to read the slot reviews in order to find out what the slot game is like before you start playing it.

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