World’s Best Places for Gambling

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World’s Best Places for Gambling

For most Americans, the place that is automatically thought of when someone mentions gambling is Las Vegas. It’s true, Vegas is a gambling mecca and it’s popularity and appeal extended far beyond America’s borders, but is it the best place to gamble in the world? We’re here to break down the five best places in the world to gamble.

5. San Jose, Costa Rica

The first stop on this list may seem like an unlikely gambling local, but it has a few big things going for it: the cheap rates to play and the fact that it’s in Costa Rica. There are more than 30 casinos in Costa Rica’s capital city, all of which provide great value for the dollar. Add on top of that getting to stay in a tropical paradise? I’m in.

4. Atlantic City, USA

Poor Atlantic City, always getting overshadowed by big brother Vegas. Despite constantly being an afterthought to most gamblers visiting the US, Atlantic City can hold its own in the gambling world. The city is built around the gaming industry with dozens of casinos, packed nightclubs, and the famous pier to take in views of the coastline.

3. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo separates itself with class, style, and sophistication. It is the mecca of high society gambling, made famous by the likes of James Bond. The breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea certainly don’t hurt either. Be prepared though: this place isn’t for chump change. To play with the elite, you have to be prepared to spend like the elite.

2. Las Vegas, USA

While still perhaps the world’s most popular, Vegas can no long hold on to the number one spot of the world’s best places to gamble. Fear not, Vegas faithfuls, there is still plenty going for this desert oasis. Besides the lights, excitement, and free drinks, it’s also a destination for families. Everybody will find something to keep them entertained in Sin City.

1. Macau, China

In terms of shear money running through the casinos, though, Macau is the number one spot to gamble these days. Although Macau is technically in China, it has its own monetary system, immigration policy, and legal system that makes it distinct from the laws of China. Called The New Las Vegas, Macau is the gambling mecca of the world. If you want to experience gambling and excess on an unprecedented level, Macau should be #1 on your list.

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